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Multiformat T-Cell-Engaging Bispecific Antibodies Targeting Human Breast Cancers

Cao Y.*, Axup J.Y.*, Ma J.S., Wang R.E., Choi S., Tardif V., Lim R.K., Pugh H.M., Lawson B.R., Welzel G., Kazane S.A., Sun Y., Tian F., Srinagesh S., Javahishvili T., Schultz P.G., Kim C.H.
Angew Chem Int Ed., 54(24):7022-7, 2015.
* authors contributed equally
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Synthesis of Site-specific Antibody-Drug Conjugates using Unnatural Amino Acids

Axup J.Y., Bajjuri K.M., Ritland M., Hutchins B.M., Kim C.H., Kazane S.A., Halder R., Forsyth J.S., Santidrian A.F., Stafin K., Liu Y., Tran H., Seller A.J., Biroc S.L., Szydlik A., Pinkstaff J.K., Tian F., Sinha S.C., Felding-Habermann B., Smider V.V., Schultz P.G.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 109(40):16101-16106, 2012.
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Synthesis of Bispecific Antibodies using Genetically Encoded Unnatural Amino Acids

Kim C.H.*, Axup J.Y.*, Dubrovska A., Kazane S.A., Hutchins B.A., Wold E.D., Smider V.V., Schultz P.G.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134(24):9918-9921, 2012.
* authors contributed equally
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Protein conjugation with genetically encoded unnatural amino acids

Kim C.H.*, Axup J.Y.*, Schultz P.G.
Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, 17(3):412-419, 2013.
* authors contributed equally
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Bispecific small molecule-antibody conjugate targeting prostate cancer

Kim C.H., Axup J.Y., Lawson B.R., Yun H., Tardif V., Choi S.H., Zhou Q., Dubrovska A., Biroc S.L., Marsden R., Pinstaff J., Smider V.V., Schultz P.G.
Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 110(44):17796–17801, 2013.
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Self-Assembled Antibody Multimers through Peptide Nucleic Acid Conjugation

Kazane S.A., Axup J.Y., Kim C.H., Ciobanu M., Wold E.D., Barluenga S., Hutchins B.A., Schultz P.G., Winssinger N., Smider V.V.
J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135(1):340-346, 2013.
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SMI-Ribosome inactivating protein conjugates selectively inhibit tumor cell growth

Roy S., Axup J.Y., Forsyth J.S., Goswami R.K., Hutchins B.M., Bajuri K.M., Kazane S.A., Smider V.V., Felding B.H., Sinha S.C.
Chem. Commun., 53(30):4234-4237, 2017.
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Antibody microarrays utilizing site-specific antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates

Wold E.D., McBride R., Axup J.Y., Kazane S.A., Smider V.V.
Bioconjug Chem., 26(5):807-11, 2015.
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Fc-Small Molecule Antibody Mimetics

Wold E.D., Axup J.Y., Felding B.H., Smider V.V.
Bioconjug Chem., 26(12):2311-4, 2015.
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Recruiting Cytotoxic T Cells to Folate-Receptor-Positive Cancer Cells

Kularatne S.A., Deshmukh V., Gymnopoulos M., Biroc S.L., Xia J., Srinagesh S., Sun Y., Zou N., Shimazu M., Pinkstaff J., Ensari S., Knudsen N., Manibusan A., Axup J.Y., Kim C.H., Smider V.V., Javahishvili T., Schultz P.G.
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 52(46):12101-12104, 2013.
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Influence of Histidine Tag Attachment on Picosecond Protein Dynamics

Thielges M.C., Chung J.K., Axup J.Y., Fayer M.D.
Biochemistry, 50(25):5799–5805, 2011.
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2D IR Spectroscopy of Protein Dynamics Using Two Vibrational Labels - a Site-Specific Genetically Encoded Unnatural Amino Acid and an Active Site Ligand

Thielges M.C., Axup J.Y., Wong D., Lee H., Chung J.K., Schultz P.G., Fayer M.D.
J. Phys. Chem. B., 115(38):11294-11304, 2011.
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An enhanced system for unnatural amino acid incorporation in E. coli

Young T.S., Ahmad I., Yin J.A., Schultz P.G.
J. Mol. Biol., 395(2):361-374, 2010.
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