Conferences & Press

Conference Presentations

2020.10 Panelist: "Investor Roundtable", AI LA Life Summit

2020.09 Moderator: "Biotech & Climate Investor Panel: Trends & Opportunities", IndieBio

2020.09 Panelist: "Bioentrepreneurship", GapSummit

2020.09 Speaker: "Building Biotech Startups", BioLaunch

2020.09 Panelist: "Investment & Partnership", Commercializing Industrial Biotechnology

2020.05 Panelist: "Deep Tech Startups vs Covid-19", Lab to Market by SOSV

2019.11 Speaker: "Biology is Technology for Human and Planetary Health", StartSe Silicon Valley Web Conference

2019.11 Speaker: "From Scientist to Entrepreneur", Roche Level Up Program

2019.11 Panelist: "PhD to VC", Fifty Years

2019.10 Speaker: "IndieBio", F50 Summit

2019.10 Panelist: "What Does It Take To Create Strong Partnerships Between Companies?", SynBioBeta

2019.07 Speaker: "Careers in Cellular Agriculture", New Harvest

2019.04 Speaker: "Accelerating Science: Criteria for Success", Foresight Institute: Healing the Planet

2019.02 Panelist: "Investor Panel - Biotech - Challenges and opportunities", Hello Tomorrow Global Summit

2018.12 Speaker: "Reprogramming Biology", Hello Tomorrow Japan

2018.11 Panelist: "VC Panel", Cultured Meat Symposium

2018.10 Panelist: "Securing the Baby Unicorn: Tech Startup Incubation at Its Earliest", HYSTA 2018 Cross-Border Tech Investment Summit

2018.10 Panelist: "The Current State of Intellectual Property: A Broad Spectrum Conversation", The Conversation: An AUTM Leadership Forum

2018.08 “Future of Food", Seeds of Our Future

2018.08 "Startups are Building the Future of Health", Singularity University Global Summit

2018.04 Moderator: "The Impact of Targeted Genome Editing", German American Business Association

2018.03 Moderator: "Food Biotech 2.0 and Learning from GMOs", Canada SynBio

2017.10 Panelist: "Issues that Women Face in the Synthetic Biology Workforce Panel", SynBioBeta

2017.08 Speaker: "The Brave New World of Bio Entrepreneurship", DEFCON 25 BioHacking Village


2019.06 "The Foods Of Tomorrow: How Biotechnology Is Changing What We Eat", Forbes

2018.09 "40 AND UNDER: The Silicon Valley biotech stars who are backing startups aiming to cure disease, prolong life, and fix the food system", Business Insider

2018.08 "Arvind Gupta’s Jiu Jitsu Makes Biotech Move at Silicon Valley Speed", NEO.LIFE

2018.05 "Genetic Engineering at IndieBio", Khan Lab School

2017.05 "How the World's Largest Biotech Accelerator Became a Classroom", Khan Lab School

2012.08 "Kickstarter campaign gives grad student a taste of entrepreneurship", Chemistry & Engineering News

2012.06 "Cancer-Killing Antibody Does Double Duty", Chemistry & Engineering News

2012.03 "How to get your idea funded? Go online", San Diego Union Tribune

2011.11 "Inventor hopes stuffed toy helps explain DNA", San Diego Union Tribune

Podcasts & Interviews

2020.05 "What Makes a Successful Biotech Startup?", Gwen Cheni

2020.02 "How IndieBio turns scientists into biotech founders", Bay Bridge Bio

2019.12 "Women in STEM", Kamla Show

2018.08 "IndieBio: Bringing Entrepreneurship to Scientists", DigitalCulture.LA

2018.01 IndieBio, Finding Genius Podcast

2018.04 "What is Indie Bio?", Simulation

2014.12 Maker Movement, IEEE Computer

2011.12 Biochemies on KICKSTART:ED, EDUKWEST


2018.01 "Advice for female founders: How to change startup culture from the inside", SOSV Blog

2017.07 "I have an idea. What next?", IndieBio Blog

2014.12 "Why Scientists Should Make", IEEE Computer, 47:12

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